Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway

Community Activities

2007 -- Greenway Cleanup / Group Promotion / Greenway Festival / Nature Hike

2006 -- Greenway Cleanup / Beautification / Greenway Festival / Survey

2005 -- Collaboration for Open Space Preservation / Greenway Festival

2004 -- Community Outreach / Education Campaign
for the Caponi Art Park & Learning Center

    Activities Performed:

  • Distributed 1,500 fliers, produced jointly by Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway and the Caponi Art Park, at Eagan's 4th of July Parade, as a core function of our entry in the parade: [Caponi Art Park Flier].

  • Went door to door in Eagan neighborhoods in proximity to Caponi Art Park distributing more of the fliers and soliciting support for the Art Park Acquisition Fund. Over 100 local families contribute.

  • Collected $3,000 during our neighborhood outreach and education campaign.

  • Raised $3,000 largely among FOECG members at Thomson-West in support of the Art Park Acquisition Fund.

  • Met with the President of Thomson-West, proposing a special corporate donation to the Art Park Acquisition Fund (resulted in a $10,000 donation).

  • Submitted a proposal to State Farm Insurance for a special programming grant for Caponi Art Park (resulted in a $2,500 grant).

  • Worked to bolster the size and expertise-level of Art Park Board members:

    • Introduced Thomson-West Vice President, Cary Felbab, to Tony Caponi and the Art Park Board. Cary Felbab was subsequently invited to join the Board, and currently serves as President of the Board.

    • Introduced Eagan resident and former chair of the City's Golf Course Exploratory Committee, Steve Cox, to the Caponis. Steve Cox currently serves as the legal representative of the Art Park Board.

  • [Two years ago,] Met with Trust for Public Land Project Manager, Bob McGillivray, to discuss the role that TPL could play in a partnership of supporters for Art Park transition from the Caponis to another entity such as the Art Park Board. TPL eventually became the prime deal-maker in the recently completed purchase.

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