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Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2004 05:05 PM
Subject: Eagan Open Space Report: Planning Commission Decision on the "Christensen Addition" (NW Eagan)

Dear Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway,

The following is a short summary of what transpired this past Tuesday (Nov. 23rd) at the Eagan Advisory Planning Commission meeting regarding the proposed development of roughly 3 acres currently owned by the McNurlins in northwest Eagan:

The development on McNurlins property was denied by the Planning Commission on Tuesday night. The meeting was short and sweet. The Commission had received all the information, including the neighbors' PowerPoint presentation that the Parks Commission viewed at their meeting. The developer (Christensen) and land owners (the McNurlins) were not present at the meeting. About 50 neighbors were on hand with one spokesman who asked that this development be denied.

The developer is apparently going to reduce the number of proposed houses from 6 x $600,000 to 4 x $700,000, in which case it will be necessary for him to return to square one with a request for approval before the Advisory Parks Commission. The issue, however, isn't so much one of size or density as it is environmental challenges associated with the property's ravine, where a dump reportedly once resided.

More details can be found at:

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---Jack C.

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