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Subject: Re: Eagan Open Space Action Alert on Diamond-T Property Tuesday's Council Meeting


I thought I recognized some ECG people. I told our group and they were happy to know they were there.

It appeared the council was going to vote the Diamond-T plan down when the developer's lawyer asked for a continuance. The council granted one with the conditions that the developer come back with a plan that had no private streets, no wetland banking, less density and looped roads with no through street to Wellington Way. These conditions are actually a good thing and we now have high hopes that a more responsible proposal will be brought back to the table. We will see...

They did blow off the environmental concerns to a great degree (and our request for an Environmental Impact Statement), but we were impressed that the water resources and forestry staff were forthright about issues such as the TEP panel wetland banking recommendations and the degree and potential effects of oak wilt on the property. The developer backpedaled as fast as they could and have many changes to make. All we ask is responsible development that meets all of our community standards. Councilperson Carlson was especially instrumental in tonight's action. We are all sad to see Laura Yuen go. I spoke today with Nancy Ngo at the St. Paul paper covering tonight's story. She called me this afternoon. Her direct line is 651-228-5172.

Green be with you.


The net is this, the developer is coming back in early February

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