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From: Jack G. Conrad [mailto:jackgconrad @]
Sent: Saturday, March 04, 2006 4:29 PM
Subject: City of Eagan -- Parks and Planning Commission Openings

Dear Friends of Eagan's Open Space,

We would like to encourage you, members of our Eagan Open Space Coalition distribution list, to seriously consider applying for one of the open positions on the City's Parks & Recreation Commission or Planning Commission (or both).

If we are truly dedicated to standing up for our last remaining open space, it is imperative that we have dedicated citizens who represent our interests on these Commissions. Current members of these Commissions have themselves pointed this out to us.

You can find a copy of the Eagan City Commissions application on our Web site:

Openings for current Commissions are listed below. Please also let us know if you are willing to submit an application for one of these meaningful Commission posts. Applicants for these volunteer positions will be interviewed by members of City Council during the second quarter.

The deadline for submissions is coming up soon: March 17th!

Thank you,

---Jack C.

Openings in Current Commissions:

Parks and Recreation Commission: Three 3-year terms, one 1-year alternate term (4 openings)
Planning Commission: Two 3-year terms, one 2-year term, one 1-year alternate term (4 openings)

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