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Dear Friends of Patrick Eagan Park,

The following represents a number of recent developments relating to additional preservation within the Eagan Core Greenway:

  1. We have just heard from the DNR's Metro Greenways program. Last week the Metro Greenways' Advisory Committee upheld their Work Group's recommendation to ear mark $100,000 for our application for the Anderson parcel. The proposal is now on the DNR Commissioner's desk for final approval. The final award will be contingent upon our ability to leverage support from other private and public sources (e.g., the County, West Group, etc).

  2. Later today, on Tuesday, March 4th, we will address the City Council in support of the Parks Commission's resolution to seek additional partners and outside+contingent matching funds for preserving the Anderson parcel. A draft version of the Parks Commission's resolution can be found at [Parks Resolution].
    • Friends of Patrick Eagan Park is scheduled to be the first item under new business, which should come up around 7:30 p.m.

    • In preparation for this presentation, we prepared a letter to the City Council, outlining our accomplishments and commitments over this past year. A copy of this letter can be found on our Web site, under "Letters" (No. 32). --> "Letters"

    • We also sent a letter of support to the Caponis last week, letting them know that we also remain committed to their long term vision for the Art Park. A copy of this letter can also be seen on our Web site, under "Letters."

    • The Caponis reacted to our Council letter in a less than positive manner. They would prefer to see their property be the immediate focus of attention rather than "the next significant piece of the greenway to secure." Our perspective of the Anderson parcel --- that it gives us the opportunity to master the acquisition-partnering process and to demonstrate to future supporters (e.g., of Caponi or McCarthy acquisitions) that we have a successful track record --- seems to have escaped them. For this reason, we will need to be sensitive to both delicate partnering balances established for the Anderson property and recognition of the contributions the Caponis have made to the community.

We will hope to see some of you showing your support at the Council meeting.

Thank you for your on-going presence in this campaign,

---Jack Conrad

Jack G. Conrad
Friends of Patrick Eagan Park
Eagan, Minnesota USA
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