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Dear Friends of Patrick Eagan Park,

The following is a list of recent developments involving the Eagan Core Greenway, including the McCarthy Farm, the Caponi Art Park, and the Anderson property, each adjacent to Patrick Eagan Park.

  • The Minnesota Court of Appeals has upheld the decision in favor of Patrick McCarthy and the McCarthy Farm. Having already lost at the lower court level, local developer Tollefson---who can only be described as unsavory, based on prior behavior in the City and in relation to the McCarthys---appealed to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Without ever consulting Patrick, Tollefson had wined and dined Patrick's brother in order to obtain a signature for the northern 60 acres of the McCarthy Farm (northwest corner of Wescott & Lexington Road). Patrick McCarthy's brother died last year, without an estate plan in place. When Patrick refused to concede the deal, Tollefson sued to acquire the parcel.

  • Last Sunday (August 3rd), Friends of Patrick Eagan Park staffed tables at Caponi Art Park during the Elizabethan Festival and the Shakespeare play that followed ("Twelfth Night"). Members handed out literature to raise patron awareness about uncertainties concerning the future of the Art Park. Recipients were encouraged to let their views be heard on the importance of the park. See

  • In City Council last Monday (August 4th), a Committee was formed to (a) construct a road map to work on the preservation of the Art Park, and (b) to anticipate obstacles to such a road map. The committee will be composed of City Council members Peggy Carlson and Michael Maguire. Formation of the Committee is a very positive development, one that stands in contrast with the lack of a resolution that occurred at the special Council meeting on the Art Park that took place the week before. For story on that earlier meeting, see:

  • Qualified volunteers for the new Caponi Art Park Board are still being sought. A vibrant and dependable Board of Directors will be indispensable for the maintenance and longevity of the Art Park. Some of the individual citizens being sought would have skills in one or more of the following areas: finance, law, gov't relations, marketing, education, communication, campaign management, etc. Interested parties can contact

  • This coming Sunday (August 17th), from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., FOPEP will hold a Nature Photography Workshop in Patrick Eagan Park. David and John Brunet will conduct the workshop, which will begin at the Eagan Art House at the entrance to Patrick Eagan Park. See: for map, and for more details.


Jack G. Conrad
Friends of Patrick Eagan Park
Eagan, Minnesota USA
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