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Eagan This Week
Saturday, August 4, 2001

Golf Course and CEO Housing are Correlated

To the editor:

Can residents of Eagan trust what city leaders are saying when it comes to the issue of a championship golf course and its relation to CEO housing?

Council Member Peggy Carlson said in the July 21 issue of Eagan Thisweek that she believes the people of Eagan have been "duped" into believing the council is looking to promote CEO housing.

Yet on July 17 they approved a proposal to look into building a championship golf course, one that another city leader believes will bring more upscale housing to that part of town.

Anybody else see a correlation?

Isn't it also strange that both Awada nad Carlson are not afraid to downplay the significance of the three other golf courses in Eagan?

Awada is quoted as saying that the council only wants to to "see if a golf course could work in Eagan at this time."

Many residents would say that Carriage Hills, Lost Spur and Parkview are each quality courses that have worked for numerous years in the community.

Finally, when the council desides they support the idea of a new course, will the citizens of Eagan get a chance to vote on it like the Central Park idea or will it suddenly be approved without voter input like Cascade Bay?

Ray Calhoun

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