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Wednesday, November 28, 2001

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Saturday, December 1, 2001

Reader Supports 'Natural' Park

To the editor:

On a beautiful fall day, my husband, my 3-year old daughter and myself ventured into Patrick Eagan Park, Eagan's only nature preserve. We had as much, if not more, enjoyment than if we were at some expensive amusement park, the zoo or the science museum. Can anyone imagine spending millions of dollars to destroy a zoo, museum or a park?

The city of Eagan is currently "studying" putting a golf course on a nature preserve. This is stunningly shortsighted. As land prices skyrocket, we need more green spaces, not less. We have a moral obligation to the next generation, to leave some land alone to preserve it in its natural state, not rip up trees. I wish every Eagan resident would visit this park. It is our Yellowstone. Located off of Lexington, between Wescott and Diffley, Patrick Eagan offers stands of 40 foot pines, old oak trees, birch and wetlands.

The park is worth more in its natural state than if it was a champion golf course. Golfing is a popular and worthwhile sport. But to take away from the entire community, our only nature preserve so a few can play is selfish. If a champion golf course is a smart economic move, then let a private developer and the marketplace create one on private, not public lands. A nature preserve is a promise to the next generation. Don't let the city leaders break the promise. Get involved now.

Laura Hedlund

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