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Thursday, August 14, 2003

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Saturday, August 16, 2003

Caponi Experience Too Precious to Lose

To the editor:

On Sunday August 3, my five-year my daughter sampled life in the Middle Ages. She spun wool. She played a board game "goose" (like the game Candyland.) And best of all, she participated in old fashioned group dancing. The event got her thinking. "Before microwaves, did people blow hot air on their food to get it hot?"

The setting was spectacular. Lakeside. Majestic trees dancing in the wind. Sunshine peeking steadily. Hard to believe that we were less than a mile from our Eagan home in the year 2003. My five-year old did not want to leave this peaceful setting. (We stayed for four hours!)

Our family would like to thank the Caponi Family and the Nordskogen group for a beautiful Sunday afternoon and an enriching cultural experience. In Eagan we are blessed with so many amenities. But sadly, like the passing of the common community dances, the fact that Eagan's history is fading was made all too clear this week. (I am sad that my daughter will be probably never ride a horse in Eagan after Diamond T closes this year.)

I do have great hope that as an adult she will be able visit Caponi Art Park in the heart of the Eagan Core Greenway. (And I hope my great grandchildren will also visit) But I know the time for action is now.

No public tax money was involved in creating the art park. But saving the park for all future generations will take public money. As long as the public can be guaranteed certain things such as permanent protection from development, a sensible public price tag and public access, the City of Eagan would be foolish and short-sighted not to take advantage of the opportunity to add sixty acres of open space which connects Patrick Eagan park to the Lexington ball fields and ultimately to Lebanon Hills Regional Park.

People who went to the middle ages event or the Shakespeare play, walked the sculpture park, or attended other family events know we have a precious community asset in our mist. To residents who have not ever visit the privately owned Caponi Art Park, remember just as this is THE year to go to Diamond T, this is also the year to see the art park which is off Diffley in between Pilot Knob and Lexington.

Much, if not most, if not all, in life; is more precious than money: the smile of a child, honor towards the past, promise towards the future. These whispers of God carry infinite value.

Laura Hedlund
Friends of Patrick Eagan Park

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