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Eagan Thisweek
Saturday, February 7, 2004

Young Resident Weighs In On Golf Course

To the editor:

It has come to my attention that the Carriage Hills Golf Course may be torn down to make room for more housing in our already largely populated city. My 12-year-old voice may not be heard by itself, but I stand strong with those against housing development.

It would pain me to see that wonderful golf course invaded with homes. Can't these developers build elsewhere in Eagan, or in another town?

I, as many other Eagan residents, enjoy a relaxing day out on the courses, and these houses would take that away from me and all the other golfers among us 70,000 Eagan residents. Eagan as a whole also needs to preserve our last green space. The housing would just limit our chance to enjoy open space that much more.

I'd even lose my favorite sledding hot spot that is nestled just off the gravel road that rolls by the course.

I'm grateful for those who are passionately protesting and petitioning against these developers when I am just writing one lousy letter. I desperately hope that the Eagan residents will work together to prevent these developers from building.

Robert Holman

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