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Eagan Sun-Current
Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Readers Question Idea for New Golf Course

To the editor:

We are residents of Eagan and we live adjacent to the proposed golf course. For many years we have enjoyed the beauty of Patrick Eagan Park.

If the golf course goes through, will we still be able to walk our dog through this area? No? OK, will we still be able to see deer in their natural habitat? No? OK, will we still get to enjoy the many song birds, waterfowl, fox, coyote, raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. No? Well then, as not everyone golfs, how can anyone claim that this golf course can be enjoyed by all residents?

The Eagan Sun-Current has recently printed a letter from Scott J. Smith of Eagan. He states that he was recently appointed to the Eagan Golf Course Exploratory Committee, as such, we feel his letter is a conflict of interest. He claims they are dedicated to finding out the facts of this issue.

He claims the Lost Spur is a privately owned and operated facility not accessible to residents. With a simple phone call to the Lost Spur we found that they are indeed open ot the public and have been for the last two years.

In his opinion, both Carriage Hills and Park View Golf Courses may disappear in the relatively near future, we thought the committee was dedicated to finding the facts, not in dealing with opinion and speculation. He claims that their revenues in the summer will never exceed a possible sale of their property. Why then should we add to their financial problems by building a competing golf course? What makes anyone think a fourth golf course would be any more finanically sound. A fourth golf course would ensure that these taxpaying business owners would be forced to sell their golf courses to developers.

Mr. Smith claims that Patrick Eagan Park is not that heavily used, again, this is mere opinion. He claims money will still need to be appropriated for general upkeep and repair. I would think this money is already in the city's budget and always has been. Also, as this is a natural park, very little money needs to be spent, because there is no need to develop any aspect of it. It wouldn't be natural then, would it?

Mr. Smith states that Cascade Bay and the Civic Arena are intangible pluses to our community and that you cannot put a price on it. The same can be said about Patrick Eagan Park. The city fo Eagan has developed over its historic farmland, natural prairies and oak savannas that were unique to tis region. They can never be recreated. Patrick Eagan Park is our land untouched piece of Eagan's proud history and it is there for our children to see the natural beauty this area once held.

We invite you to visit Patrick Eagan Park, on Lexington Avenue, between Diffley and Wescott, directly behind the Eagan Art house.

In these trying times, it is especially important to have a natural refuge where a person can commune with nature and bring peace to your soul.

Steve and Karen Jacoby

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