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Eagan This Week
Saturday, December 1, 2001

People Acting Together Can Preserve Park

To the editor:

Imagine walking through the woods in the fall with the leaves in their peak color and the fragrance of a pine grove after a light rain. Or cross country skiing or snow-shoeing in the winter on the pristine stillness of a frozen pond, with dried oak leaves whispering in the wind. In the spring and summer months, watching an egret fly in and land on a nearby log.

Now imagine a bulldozer coming to destroy this beauty to build a golf course. Patrick Eagan Park, located on the west of Lexington Avenue, one mile north of Diffley Road, is the area proposed by the city of Eagan's City Council for a championship golf course. The park can now be used by all ages, in all seasons, for free. You don't need any special equipment, skills or money to enjoy it.

The few remaining open spaces in Eagan are rapidly disappearing. The preservation of Patrick Eagan Park is important in order to maintain habitat for wildlife and to save this beautiful gem. How can we allow the park to be plowed under and the trees to be cut down to build a golf course that will only be used for paying customers for a few months of the year?

"Imagine all the people," acting together can preserve the park by visiting it, signing the petition and contacting the City Council to let them know how important Patrick Eagan Park is to you. Just imagine!

Cathy Malec

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