Friends of Patrick Eagan Park

Letter to Chief City Engineer

Southern Bookend of Eagan Core Greenway Threatened
Thursday, February 6, 2003

Dear Mr. Colbert:

I have lived in the Lakewood Hills Road neighborhood for over thirty years. I have been chair of our association for eight years plus.

I believe the flooding problem is increasing in volume and frequency.

We are also threatened by the current proposals from Lebanon Hills Park to increase the amount of water [flowing] into our ponds near our wells and drainfields. This is private property. This would make us vulnerable to density development.

I also believe the flooding into Eagan homes is intolerable. People I care about cannot physically, emotionally, financially withstand another onslaught.

While I love our parks, it is not fair that the flood waters are too damaging to Holland Lake and Schultz Lake, but it's OK to send it into our homes where the cost is horrific to its owners.

I believe the county park, the DNR, Rosemount and Apple Valley all have responsibility to take this load off of Eagan homeowners [and work] to contain, divert, upgrade, etc. [the area] south of Cliff Road.

Consider all the large expensive new homes south of Eagan---if the water ran backwards, I doubt the owners would be so "Minnesota nice" as Eagan's.

Very sincerely,

Donna Wills
Lakewood Hills Road Neighborhood Association

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