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Minneapolis Star Tribune
St. Paul Pioneer Press
City Pages
Eagan Sun-Current
Eagan ThisWeek
The McKnight Foundation
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[Ordered from most recent to least recent---Total items: 4]

  1. "Sierra Club Joins Fight to Preserve Patrick Eagan Park "
    Eagan This Week
    by Erin Johnson
    December 27, 2001

  2. "Area Sierra Club Joins Opposition to Golf Proposal for Park"
    St. Paul Pioneer Press
    by Mara Gottfried
    December 19, 2001

  3. "Parks Commission Will Explore the Idea of a Nature Center in Patrick Eagan Park"
    Eagan This Week
    by Erin Johnson
    December 7, 2001

  4. "Eagan Needs Luxury Houses"
    City Pages
    by Jeremy Swanson
    July 11, 2001

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