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Eagan Open Space Coalition and Carriage Hills Coalition

Joint Statement – November 21, 2005


Open Space in Eagan is Under Attack (Again)!


As you may know, Wensmann Homes, Inc. is trying to convert the Carriage Hills Golf Club property into residential development.  Once this open space is gone it is lost forever.  As they did in 1995 and again in 2005, the Eagan Planning Commission and City Council unanimously voted to not change our Comprehensive Plan to allow one of the last large pieces of open space in Eagan to be developed.  The developer and property owner have taken the City to court and have won the first round and are trying to force Eagan to circumvent the will of the people and its right to have its own planning process.  Fortunately our City has shown great courage and sound public policy management and have decided to appeal the decision.  As such we agree and are issuing the following statement:


  1. We agree with Mayor Geagan, when he announced the City’s decision to appeal, that Eagan's Comprehensive Plan is worth fighting for.  Not only do we agree but also many other entities including The League of Minnesota Cities, the Metropolitan Council and many, many citizens of Eagan who have signed a petition asking for the City to continue it’s fight to preserve not only this open space but also the integrity of the Comprehensive Plan and zoning process.  If the City looses or settles it could mean no one can rely upon the zoning or comprehensive plan process.


  1. Eagan's remaining open space is worth fighting for. Once the City loses its last remaining open space, it's gone forever.  Since the City is essentially at build-out this is a critical battle in which to preserve open space.  This is basically a quality of life issue.  It's the reason why many of Eagan's residents have chosen to live here; it's the reason why Eagan residents have given the City high marks on its natural resources.  Wensmann Homes is only interested in their ability to make a profit and as such is trying hard to circumvent the entire planning process.  It is not the City’s responsibility to ensure that a business owner makes a profit.  Therefore, the City should continue to fight the lawsuit brought on by Wensmann and the Rahn family.  The developer is in it for a profit even if it means destroying the entire planning process and devaluing properties in Eagan. 


3.   Eagan's citizens are worth fighting for.  A majority of residents have overwhelmingly said that green space is a priority for them.  It deeply affects the way they value their homes.  The citizens of Eagan have repeatedly indicated that they would be willing to contribute more for the preservation of open space near their homes.  If the City settles now, when it's expected to win its appeal, it will send a message to current and future developers that, right or wrong, if you hold tight in litigation against the City, you can prevail.  If our current public servants cave in to a flawed development plan, it will also make a strong statement about their vision---placing the investment interests of one developer above the City's Comprehensive Plan, its zoning and the clearly expressed values of thousands of local families.  This response would raise the question: who are they representing anyhow?  This is a case where the citizens are ahead of their elected officials.  We now want our officials to represent the community's consensus. 


We need your help.  Here’s what you can do:


·        Call (telephone # 651-675-5001) or write the Eagan City Council and Mayor (email and encourage them continue to fight for the Comprehensive Plan and the Citizens of Eagan.

·        MORE IMPORTANTLY show up for the special City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 5:30PM. Let your voice be heard.  For more information, visit or

·        Call your neighbors and friends and encourage them to call, write or email the Mayor and Council Members.