Friends of Patrick Eagan Park and the Eagan Core Greenway

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FROM: "Friends"       CONTACT PERSON:Jack Conrad
TO: Twin Cities Press Associates     TELEPHONE: 651-683-9380
DATE: Friday, October 24, 2003       E-MAIL ADDRESS:

SUBJECT: Friends of Patrick Eagan Park / Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway

Eagan, Minnesota

Friends of Patrick Eagan Park (FOPEP) is changing its name to Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway.

The new name was announced last weeked during the group's third annual Fall Foliage Frolic.

The FOPEP Board decided on the face-lift in order to better correspond to its mission and activities over the past 18 months.

Some of the important activities the group has been involved in during the last year and a half have included seeking partners and funding for three of the last major private parcels bordering Patrick Eagan Park.

These properties include:

The agencies and programs Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway have been contacting as potential sources of project funding have included:

To date, "Friends" has successfully been awarded $100,000 from the Metro Greenways Program for the Anderson Parcel, and Eagan's application to the Natural and Scenic Area Program, supported by Friends, has received $350,000. Applications to the Metro Greenways Program and the Dakota County Farmland and Natural Areas Program for the Caponi Art Park and McCarthy Farm are currently pending (submitted Sept. and Oct. 2003).

The group's new Web site will be accessible at although they will still maintain their former Web site as well:

More information about the Eagan Core Greenway and Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway can be found on the group's Web site:

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