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Sent:††††† Monday, April 09, 2007 11:58 PM


Subject:††††† Friends Announces Spring 2007 Events



Dear Friends of Eagan's Open Space,


Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway announces four upcoming Spring 2007 events:



What:†† Global Warming Day of Action

Where: Minnesota State Capitol Mall, Saint Paul

Map: ††††

When:Saturday, April 14th(this weekend!)

Time:†† Noon -- 4:00 p.m.


Come participate in this event, co-sponsored by Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway.


This is your chance to be a part of moving Minnesota on to a clean energy path.Join us this Saturday, April 14th, at the State Capitol as we gather to learn about positive solutions we can take as individuals and as a state that will reduce global warming pollution, strengthen our state's economy, and improve our shared environment.

Be a part of the solution! We can curb global warming if we take comprehensive actions now that add up to meaningful cuts in carbon emissions.


What:†† The Eagan Foundation's 6th Annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Event

Where: Eagan Community Center(1501 Central Parkway, Eagan)

Map: ††††

When:Thursday, April 19th

Time:†† 6:00 -- 9:00 p.m.

Cost:††† $35 per ticket (which are tax deductible)

This Wine Event is the Foundationís major fundraiser and public event of the year, the fundraiser that permits the Foundation to have resources to respond to needs in the community as they arise. There will also be lots of different wines to taste, nice food, a variety of silent auction items, and a lot of nice people to mingle with!

As the community foundation for Eagan, the Foundation annually distributes scholarships donated by community businesses and organizations to graduating seniors living in Eagan; this year the Foundation will be distributing $45,000 in scholarships.

Supplemental donations may be designated for the Eagan Core Greenway Fund!



What:†† Earth Day --- Patrick Eagan Park Trail Clean-Up Project

Where: Patrick Eagan Park (meet in the main parking lot behind the Eagan Art House, off of Lexington, just down the hill from Diffley)

Map: ††††

When:Saturday, April 21st (in Commemoration of Earth Day!)

Time:†† 10:30 a.m. -- 12:30 noon


What to bring: †††††††††gloves, work or gardening clothes

What we will bring:trash bags

Contact phone no.:†† (651)-683-9380


Refreshments will be served afterwards.


This is Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway's major clean-up project of the year.This will be a light activity focusing on trash (candy wrappers, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.) found along the roughly two miles of trails that exist within the park.It will be suitable for families with children.We will divide the trails among the group that arrives.Consider participating even if you can only come for part of the time.And feel free to invite and bring friends who may not be on our mailing list.The event will give you the chance to socialize with other Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway at the end of the activity.



What:†† Showcase Eagan

Where: Eagan Civic Arena(behind the Municipal Center, just south of Pilot Knob & Wescott)

Map: ††††

When:Thursday, May 17th

Time:†† 5:00 -- 7:30 p.m.


This evening will give residents the opportunity to explore several dozen of Eagan's volunteer groups, including Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway.

Come by and visit our booth and displays and sign up to volunteer for any of several activities taking place in the Greenway this year!


We'll look forward to seeing many of you at these events!


†††† ---Jack Conrad


Friends of the Eagan Core Greenway


Eagan Open Space Coalition, Charter Member