Friends of Patrick Eagan Park

Press Release


FROM: Friends of Patrick Eagan Park      CONTACT PERSON:Jack G. Conrad
TO: Twin Cities Press Associates     TELEPHONE: 651-687-4960
DATE: Thursday, January 16, 2003       E-MAIL ADDRESS: JackGConrad@EarthLink.Net

SUBJECT: Metro Greenways Funding for Eagan, the Eagan Core Greenway Project

This week the Minnesota DNR's Metro Greenways Program Work Group met with Dakota County Commissioner, Nancy Schouweiler, Eagan City Council member, Peggy Carlson, Eagan Advisory Parks Commissioner, Phil Belfiori, and Friends of Patrick Eagan Park (FOPEP) representatives, Jack Conrad and John Ward. The two groups met at the capitol to review FOPEP's application for funding for the acquisition of the ten acre Anderson parcel. On Thursday, Metro Greenways Program coordinator, Al Singer, informed FOPEP that the Work Group has recommended partial funding for the Anderson parcel. The specific amount of the award has yet to be determined. The property is located on the south side of the entrance to Patrick Eagan Park.

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